SBA’s Learning Specialist provides students at all levels with additional academic support both inside and outside the classroom. The Learning Specialist regularly serves as resource to help parents and teachers better understand the unique learning profile of each student.

The Learning Specialist is available to provide support to those students that have been identified as having a learning difference, as well as to those students who have not yet been identified but are experiencing academic challenges.  Services are provided in individual or small group settings, working on specific skills, class work, and/or advocacy skills. 
Our Learning Specialist also sponsors a dyslexia support group for SBA students and parents.

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    • Students that already have a diagnosed learning difference are provided the opportunity to have a Student Support/Accommodation Plan. This plan delineates the specific accommodations that are appropriate for a student's diagnosis, as well as what is reasonable to provide within the SBA environment. The Learning Specialist also works closely with the classroom teacher to determine which accommodations are able to be managed within the classroom. Accommodations that are not able to be met by the classroom teacher are provided by the Learning Specialist.
    • Students that require extra help beyond accommodations are provided the opportunity to meet with the Learning Specialist one time per week to work on specific skills, class work, and/or advocacy skills. If students require more intensive intervention, the Learning Specialist will provide guidance for seeking outside resources.
    • The Learning Specialist also provides support for those students that are struggling academically but have not yet been identified as having a learning difference. Once a student has been referred to the Learning Specialist, the initial contact may include standardized and/or informal assessments to determine if the need can be met in-house or if the student will need to be referred for a more thorough evaluation.
    • For students that continue to struggle but have not been referred for outside testing, the Learning Specialist will provide one-on-one or small group intervention to address the specific need for a period of 1-2 terms. The Learning Specialist will meet regularly with the classroom teachers to determine if the student is making gains. If a student continues to demonstrate difficulty in the subject area, the Learning Specialist will provide a referral to parents regarding outside assessment services.
    • A dyslexia support group for students with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia and their families provides further support in navigating the school years. The Learning Specialist plans three to four events per year ranging from all group activities (students and families together) to individual activities for students. Parents are offered further education regarding dyslexia through speakers and videos.
Leslie Winter – Learning Specialist

Leslie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science from Sterling College (Sterling, KS) and a Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY). She has worked as a Behavioral Specialist with developmentally disabled adults and as a Speech-Language Pathologist with children of all ages and needs. After moving to Tennessee in 2003, Leslie worked for 8 years at the Learning Lab in Brentwood, TN as an educational diagnostician, reading specialist, and home school educator. As part of her passion for educating people about dyslexia, she has served on the Board of the Tennessee Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. She has presented at Tennessee’s annual conference, as well as various schools around Middle Tennessee providing training and awareness opportunities to parents and teachers. Leslie has also started a dyslexia support group here at SBA for parents and students that are affected by that learning difference. 

Leslie can be reached at 615.385.0440 x123 or at