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Head of School Welcome

Welcome to St. Bernard Academy, Home of the Bears!

During the 2016-2017 school year, we were pleased to celebrate our 150th anniversary. Our school, the third-oldest Catholic school in the region, was founded in 1866 when a small group of Sisters of Mercy came to Nashville and opened St. Bernard Academy to 400 students.

Can you imagine the courage and faith it took for that small group of sisters to come to Tennessee from Pennsylvania just after the Civil War with the desire and will to start a school? Acknowledging their deepest commitment to educate the poor and the continued commitment of the many sisters who followed, we are honored to celebrate our sesquicentennial on Mercy Day this year. I am grateful for the opportunity to support their mission and legacy of charity which is alive and well in our school.

While St. Bernard Academy is 150 years young, we now look to the future and what lies ahead for us the next 150 years. With that, I can tell you we will remain a school with a clear and energetic vision and commitment of excellence to our students and our stakeholders.

Prepare students academically.
Whether it is the students’ longstanding success at competitions such as Father Ryan’s Math Day or perennially high scores on placement tests, Saint Bernard Academy students are prepared academically for success in their next endeavor in life. They graduate from SBA with a love of learning and the skills necessary to succeed.

Prepare students emotionally.
We encourage each student to be engaged to the best of his or her ability in a wide range of activities, including service learning and leadership opportunities, art and music programs and athletics. We believe being involved at school creates deeper friendships and more meaningful relationships with faculty members, while also helping to develop self-discipline and teambuilding skills.

Prepare students spiritually.
SBA is rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Mercy sisters, but remains a wonderfully religiously diverse community. Learning about and developing a respect for faith traditions and cultures of all members of our school family contributes to the spiritually aware young adults that we graduate each year.

Every day we will live out the mission of the Sisters of Mercy who came before us: to provide an excellent Catholic academic education built on a foundation of self-discipline, compassion and a sense of responsibility for social justice. I see it in our students, teachers and staff in the hallways, classrooms and fields. I hope you will visit St. Bernard Academy where you will see it, too.

With warmest regards,

Carl J. Sabo
Head of School