Health Services

At St. Bernard Academy, supporting the physical and mental health of our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority. Our full-time, on-site, Registered Nurse manages the health needs of our campus, including the challenges associated with COVID-19. 


  • If you or your child are not feeling well or are showing COVID-like symptoms, please stay home and see steps below. For all other questions, please contact Nurse Lauren. 
  • If a COVID-19 situation warrants a responsive action, the head of school will consult with the COVID Advisory Committee. For example, masks may be reinstated for a specific population if necessary, as COVID transmission rates dictate. We will monitor and reevaluate weekly. 
  • Students, visitors, faculty, and staff may choose to wear a face covering or mask on campus. 


We are committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for our entire community. Please adhere to our current policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 cases at SBA.


At St. Bernard Academy, we believe that a student’s social emotional well-being is a direct contributor to academic success. Starting this year, SBA has incorporated a weekly Guidance and Advisory time into each student's schedule for Social and Emotional Learning.

In the Lower School, teachers will lead a weekly guidance discussion based on the 8 Core Characteristics of a Mercy Education. This curriculum is designed to create classrooms that are responsive to children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs through developmentally appropriate educational experiences. 

In the Upper School, students will be placed in homeroom groupings and the curriculum will be led by a faculty advisor. This small group forum will provide student opportunities to build and grow the five core competencies of SEL: self-awareness, social awareness, self-regulation, relationship skill and responsible decision making. Group discussions, group process, group activities, exploration and definition of character traits and time for reflection all serve to activate awareness around core competencies and ultimately build skills in this domain.  

Please contact Nurse Lauren if you have any questions regarding Social and Emotional Learning.