Growing, growing, outgrown. Over the last three years, the number of students buying hot lunch has doubled from 130 to 270 per day. The simple fact is this: We no longer have enough seating and kitchen space to accommodate our growing student body. That’s why we are excited to launch the Space for Grace Campaign. Through this campaign, we will add over 2,200 square feet to our dining facility— nearly doubling its size and doubling our seating capacity.


Because the boundaries of our campus are finite, we continue to be intentional about its best use. By incorporating elements of flexible design—such as partitions—the dining facility can serve multiple purposes all day and all year long, from Aftercare and scouting to band rehearsals, parent association meetings, and baccalaureate exercises. Designing the space with eating, studying, gathering, and playing in mind will make it a much better fit for the full range of activities that are part of the SBA experience.


The Sabo Center: A place where students of all ages gather together for a meal. Where parent groups meet and mingle. Where students learn and play outside the classroom. Where we hold our most special events. It’s the very center of our SBA community, much like Mr. Chuck Sabo was for 16 wonderful years. We are proud to honor Mr. Sabo and all that he has done for the school by naming this proposed new gathering space in his name upon his retirement this past summer. The Sabo Center will cement his legacy at SBA. 

Sabo Center Groundbreaking Ceremony Photos


Virtual rendering of the outside of the new dining hall.

Virtual rendering of the inside of the new dining hall.

Proposed floor plan of the new dining hall.


Ready to make a contribution to the campaign? Please visit our online donation page, or click the red button to donate below! Checks can be made payable to SBA and mailed to:
St. Bernard Academy
Attn: Development Office
2304 Bernard Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212

Campaign Brochure

Learn more about the campaign by clicking the brochure below!

Steering Committee

Chris Crane, Campaign Co-Chair
Travis Kelty, Campaign Co-Chair

Chris and Jill Baltz
Ty Berutti
Megan and Chad Clark
Shane and Kelly Cortesi
Terrence and Nicole Doherty
Sydnie Hochstein
Andrew and Towles Kintz
Wendy Mangialardi
Gino Marchetti
Jennifer Ortner
Adrian Rodriguez
Alice Rodriguez
Emily Slattery
Nicole Floyd Smith
Paul Worley
Rebecca VanDiver