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Head of School Welcome

What is the first thing you notice about a school?  Is it the snappy website loaded with pictures of a wonderfully diverse student body?  Is it the school’s academic reputation?  Perhaps it's a warm letter of introduction from the school head outlining a plethora of reasons why you need to pick their school.
It can be all of those reasons or none of those reasons, but here’s what I hope you do notice: St. Bernard Academy takes its responsibility to educate quite seriously, and not just as it relates to academics.  We have a dynamic curriculum, use best practices for assessments and analyze data to map each child’s progress.  In addition, St. Bernard Academy promises to do more.  We also look to foster a sense of personal responsibility as we develop character, deeper thinking in a challenging world and the ability to build relationships among peers and adults.  We see that as a true education.
Like many schools in the Nashville area, we have an extremely talented and engaging professional staff who are committed to each child’s success.  We invite you to work your way through our website and then plan to visit.  We would truly love to share our unique educational experience with you.  
Thank you for checking us out. I hope to see you here soon.
Mr. Carl Sabo
Head of School