Board of Trustees

St. Bernard Academy is an independent Catholic day school governed by a Board of Trustees.  The Board is primarily responsible for the following:

 1. Ensures all aspects of the school are consistent with the school Mission;
 2. Assists with development of the school's Strategic Plan;
 3. Ensures good stewardship of school resources, and;
 4. Provides consultative advice to the Head of School, who is responsible for the operation of the school.

Full board meetings take place bi-monthly during the school year. Trustees serve three-year terms.

Shane Cortesi, Chairman of the Board
Brigid Carpenter
Christopher Crane
Bill Grainger
Jean Jackson
Ken King
Lilla Marigza
Lisa Mays
Mary Pietrzyk
Mark Phillips
Father Justin Raines
Ebbie Redwine
Nicole Smith
Ellie Walsh
Chase Wright
Li Xu
Philip Mattingly, Chairman Emeritus
Chuck Sabo, Head of School
Hannah Dwyer, Assistant Head of School