Spiritual Life

At St. Bernard Academy, spiritual life is an important aspect of student life. We are rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Mercy sisters, but remain a wonderful religiously diverse community, welcoming students and families from many faith traditions and cultures.

Each day at SBA begins and ends with a prayer of thanksgiving for the day, the gifts we've been given, and the gifts we have to share with others. Students also attend a monthly mass service with each grade level preparing one mass during the school year. 

While at SBA, Catholic students will fulfill all required religious education requirements and complete Sacraments with their non-Catholic classmates playing a major role of support in the process. All students, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, participate in the preparation of each Sacrament. Learning about and developing a respect for faith traditions and cultures of all members of our school family contributes to the spiritually aware young adults that we graduate each year.

SBA is a diverse community. We dedicate time for all students to share their faith and encourage thoughtful discussion of similarities and differences, leaving room for all students to have a voice, to be seen, and to feel connected.melody clarke
2nd grade teacher