Our goal at St. Bernard Academy is to help all students cultivate healthy lifestyles and learn to appreciate the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle throughout their lives — whether the student competes on an athletic team or not.

In physical education classes, students develop athletic skills, self-confidence, and discipline through a variety of classes including tennis, hockey, bowling, and other team building sports. Kindergarten students through 4th Level participate in Physical Education classes twice per week and have the opportunity to compete in three school-sponsored teams. Students in Levels 5th through 8th continue regular P.E. classes and have the opportunity to represent SBA on multiple athletic teams. With our "no cut" policy, every student can have a team experience.

Athletic competition, held in its proper perspective, complements all facets of our mission and goals. Competition in team and individual sports nurtures mind, body, and spirit alike. Upper level students compete in city wide private tournaments and have maintained strong school traditions of success in many sports.


Basketball Sign Ups

The mission of the athletic program at SBA is to ensure that every student has a chance to participate and to enjoy playing sports. Although SBA Bears love to win, playing a game the right way and learning good sportsmanship are much more important life lessons. Participation in athletics helps our students grow and learn the value of competition, sportsmanship, and effort.

Jonathan Grigsby
Athletic Director

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