We have developed a number of learning goals that we hope each student at St. Bernard will reach by graduation:

List of 8 items.

  • Spiritual Growth

    Students of all faiths will develop a knowledge and understanding of God and the value of their own spiritual nature in a Catholic learning environment.  St. Bernard Academy is fortunate to have students and families of a number of different faith traditions. Our religious diversity creates a vibrant and rich culture of respect that makes children of all faith backgrounds feel comfortable and included.
  • Social Responsibility

    Students will demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities as contributing members of the community.  Beginning in Junior Kindergarten, students will have the opportunity each year to participate in grade level or school-wide projects that enhance their knowledge and respect for the needs of others as well as our world.  
  • Personal Wellness

    Students will develop healthy, respectful attitudes and practices that promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • Interpersonal Skills

    Students will be able to interact respectfully and collaborate productively with others in a variety of academic and social situations.
  • Communication Skills

    Students will be able to effectively express themselves individually and collaboratively through written, oral, artistic and technological methods.
  • Thinking and Reasoning Skills

    Students will be able to use basic skills and knowledge to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information in order to solve problems and perform meaningful tasks.
  • Expanding and Integrating Knowledge

    Students will be able to relate knowledge, experiences and understanding acquired from different subject areas to their daily lives.
  • Learn to Learn

    Students will employ a variety of strategies, skills, and technological tools to enhance their own learning and produce consistently high quality work.