At St. Bernard Academy, our faculty are experienced and enthusiastic, dedicated to caring for and teaching their students.

More than 60 percent of our faculty hold advanced degrees and regularly attend continuing education and professional development seminars. While some have dedicated more than 20 years to nurturing SBA students, all come to work every day ready to make a difference. This kind of dedication is what changes lives — just ask our six current faculty members who are also SBA alumni.

The teachers at SBA absolutely played a role in my choice to become a teacher, specifically one back at SBA. They were the first models of caring and compassionate teachers who cared about the whole student as well as the larger community. I always knew I was valued and loved.

Elizabeth Henard '07
Kindergarten Teacher

When you create an environment where risk and creativity are encouraged, students begin to approach challenges without the fear of failure. This is when the true joy of learning begins.

arynn powers '92
upper school teacher

Many schools have good teachers. At St. Bernard Academy, we are blessed with individuals who take teaching to another level. This is visible every day in every classroom as the personal touch includes getting to know each individual's gifts and then taking those gifts to help each child shine. We are so proud of what these teachers do every day.

chuck sabo
head of school

Our goal is to have our children leave to be happy and confident in this world filled with constant changes and challenges.

nancy mattingly
Kindergarten Teacher

The faculty at SBA are committed to supporting each child to reach his or her fullest potential. They understand that each and every one of us is a work in progress, and their collective commitment recognizes that success may look different for each child. They embrace the students as they are.

hannah dwyer
mother of sam '24 and jamison '30

Our teachers give so much to their students. The academic curriculum they teach in a meaningful and engaging manner is just the beginning of the education. Teachers at SBA inspire love, compassion and leadership. They promote self confidence, independence and respect. In short, they are working with parents to mold our children into 'good human beings.' What more could you ask for?

trina ewald
mother of percy '26 and hudson '24