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At St. Bernard Academy, we work to ensure our curriculum is current, relevant, and fulfills our goal to develop the whole child: mind, body and spirit. We place a high priority on providing our students an excellent Catholic academic education rooted in a history of self-discipline, compassion and a sense of responsibility for social justice in the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy.

Our Structure

Beginning in First Level, students change classes according to a schedule they receive at the beginning of the school year. They begin each day with homeroom and then progress throughout the eight-period daily schedule.

Each period is 50 minutes and includes daily instruction in English/Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Religion. Instruction in the Visual arts, computer, music, and physical education are offered weekly, with exception of PE which is twice weekly.

Students will be with different classmates during the day and receive instruction from multiple teachers. We maintain a small class size of an average of 12 students per class, which contributes to a student’s sense of belonging and importance as an individual in our school community. Our students love the fact that they have their own locker beginning in First Level. We believe the structure of our day provides the best learning environment for our students, and we see their confidence and independence soar when they learn to navigate our school.

SBA Accelerated Program
Students who have demonstrated a particular aptitude and readiness for math, reading, and/or literature are given the opportunity to work at an accelerated level or pacing in our Accelerated Program. Placement in the accelerated classes is determined by the student’s classroom performance, standardized test scores, placement assessments, and teacher recommendations. These placements are reviewed annually to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged.