At St. Bernard Academy, our Aftercare program is designed to ensure an enriching, convenient, and successful after-school experience for students and parents.

Licensed through the Department of Education, students in Aftercare build community, engage in physical activities, and use their imaginations even after the final bell rings for the school day.


Various enrichment opportunities are offered during Aftercare for interested students. Individual instructors set fees, dates, and times while SBA provides the space needed. Current clubs include:

Lego Club

Camp Brick welcomes students in levels K-4 to experience hundreds of LEGO sets with which to build. Themes to include CITY, Star Wars, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, CHIMA, Monsters, LEGO Movie, PIRATES and more! Students will learn useful LEGO building techniques that will help their minds grow and expand.

Habitat Yoga

Habitat Yoga is a great way to strengthen your child’s body as well as their mindfulness. Available to students in all levels, Habitat Yoga offers fun yoga poses and sequences, non-competitive games that release energy and challenge students' coordination, dexterity, focus, memory, and teamwork. Students explore developmentally appropriate themes, poses, adventures, and games, all while working through guided meditations and mindfulness.

Better Golf Academy

Better Golf Academy is open to all kids of all ages! Come learn putting, pitching, chipping, rules, etiquette, and full swing conveniently conducted at SBA.

Drama Club

Performing plays each semester, Drama Club students learn stage directions, voice projection, set design, proper use of props, and so much more. Students meet weekly to practice confidence, lines, and share a few laughs!

Soccer Shots

Through a partnership with the U.S. Soccer Federation, Soccer Shots aims to impact children through quality soccer programs that support their physical and personal development. Each week students will experience skill training, scrimmages, and more.

Nashville Ballet Club

In Nashville Ballet Club, students develop increased coordination, rhythm, social skills, and much more with opportunities to learn ballet, create choreography, and perform for family and friends. Any level of dance experience is welcome.

Let's Build It

Let’s Build It is an exhilarating, cutting-edge area of engineering. Each session uses a different curriculum so that students can take multiple sessions without running into the same content. The class has several themes and rotates curriculum to keep students interested in continuing their experience. No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and build. Projects will include: various sound producing circuits, musical instruments, a simulated telephone, and even both their own radio...and radio station! Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session, as well as the opportunity to earn engineering belts to demonstrate their learned skills.

Let's Code It

Let’s Code It uses a simple, relatable, block-based programming system called Scratch, developed by the MIT Media Lab. This fun filled class stresses critical thinking, creativity, confidence, teamwork, and problem solving skills to prepare them for the 21st century and beyond. Class topics include logic, loops, conditional expressions, control statements, data structures and variables, and mathematical expressions, as well as artistic expression in drawing, storytelling, and even music. Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session, and will have the opportunity to earn Code Belts to demonstrate their learned skills.

general information


3K, JK, and K
Meet in JK Room

Levels 1 - 5
Meet in the Jim Carell Dining Hall

Levels 6 - 8
Meet in Rooms 19 and 20 behind the stage

Hours of Operation and Cost

Aftercare is open from dismissal until 6:00 PM when school is in session and on scheduled days when school is closed. Please see the attached calendar. Full time Aftercare students (those attending every day) pay a monthly fee with discounts offered for siblings. Drop in students are charged various daily fees depending on the day and the number of siblings attending. For a complete breakdown of costs, click here.

Sign Out

All parents will need to sign out their students each day when picking up from Aftercare. The computer checkout is located by the Jim Carell Dining Hall for Levels 1-8 and in the JK Room for students in 3K - Kindergarten.


For more information, please contact Aftercare Director, Rebecca Nichols, at or Associate Director, Jordan Harkey, at


The biggest benefit of getting involved outside of the classroom is that it often helps students develop social-emotional skills. Removing them from the school environment and encouraging interactions with kids of different ages and with different skill sets allows them to practice their problem-solving skills and manage their emotions in real situations.

Rebecca Nichols
Aftercare Director