At St. Bernard Academy, our Aftercare program is designed to ensure an enriching, convenient, and successful after-school experience for students and parents.

Licensed through the Department of Education, students in Aftercare build community, engage in physical activities, and use their imaginations even after the final bell rings for the school day.

general information

Hours of Operation and Cost

Aftercare is open from dismissal until 6:00 PM when school is in session and on scheduled days when school is closed. Please see the calendar for more information. Full time Aftercare students (those attending every day) pay a monthly fee with discounts offered for siblings. Drop in students are charged various daily fees depending on the day and the number of siblings attending. For a complete breakdown of costs, click here.

Student Check-In

Students will be dismissed to Aftercare after all carline students have been picked up. 

JK, and K
Meet in Kindergarten Room

1st and 2nd Levels
Meet in the Dining Hall

3rd (All) and 4th Level (Last Names A-K)
Meet in the Dining Hall

4th Level (Last Names L-Z) and 5th Level (All)
Meet in the Dining Hall

6th-8th Levels
Meet in Rooms 19 and 20 behind the stage


  • All students will receive a nut-free snack upon arrival. Students may bring a snack from home as well. Snacks will not be shared.
  • Once all students have checked into Aftercare, each group will have scheduled times to be outside, weather permitting, in the Gym/MPR, and inside.  
  • Each day will be a slightly different schedule to ensure that all grade levels have equal time inside and outside.



  • JK-K parents will knock on the door and wait on the grass if the students are inside. If they are outside when parents arrive, parents will wait on the dismissal pad while a staff member helps their student gather their belongings inside to leave. This includes rainy days
  • 1st-8th Level parents will wait in the courtyard for their students. We’ll ask that they be mindful of other parents waiting and to maintain social distancing. This includes rainy days.
  • If families have kids upstairs and downstairs, we will send the older student through the small playground to meet their family on the dismissal pad to avoid walking in the halls.
  • No parents will sign out on the computer system. A staff member will verify who is picking up, document it, and sign out on their behalf on the computer system later.
  • On rainy days, parents may call the Aftercare number at (615) 298-1298 to have students begin to gather their belongings and then meet them in their designated area once they are ready.



  • To learn more and register for Soccer Shots, click here.
  • For Chess Club, the registration can be found here and info can be found here. 
  • Golf club registration is now open. Click here to learn more and sign up 


For more information, please contact Director, Jordan Harkey, at

 At Aftercare, we strive to provide a balance of structure and freedom in a way that allows students the  opportunity to not only grow socially and emotionally, but also to gain in self-confidence and humility. All while having loads of fun in the process.

jordan harkey
Aftercare Director