Hospitality & Belonging

St. Bernard Academy's Statement of Hospitality and Belonging

As an academic institution founded by the Sisters of Mercy and rooted in the Catholic faith, St. Bernard Academy affirms the inherent dignity and worth of all people. True to our mission and Mercy values, guided by the Gospel and love of the Lord, we cultivate inclusivity and foster diversity that supports human well-being. We denounce all acts of discrimination and seek to build an equitable environment where all can thrive and experience belonging. SBA encourages our school community to be advocates for justice, to break barriers and build relationships, to demonstrate empathy and compassion, and to develop an enduring curiosity about and commitment to the surrounding world. Strengthened by faith, we are empowered to take Mercy into our interconnected world and actively serve the needs of others with a spirit of hospitality.

I was very fortunate at SBA to be surrounded by friends and teachers who acted as role models to me since I was a little girl. They helped me become a Christian leader and taught me the importance of kindness and integrity.

Ella Hill Crouch '18