Board of Trust

At St. Bernard Academy, we are an independent Catholic day school governed by a Board of Trustees.

Full board meetings take place bi-monthly during the school year and trustees serve three-year terms. The Board is primarily responsible for the following:

ensuring all aspects of the school are consistent with the school Mission

ensuring good stewardship of school resources

assisting with the development of the school's Strategic Plan

providing consultative advice to the Head of School

2023-2024 BOARD OF TRUST

Stephen Zralek*,
President of the Board 
Spencer Fane Bone McAllester

Julie Boos,
Flood Bumstead

LaTandra Collins, 
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

William J. "Paz" Haynes lll*, 
Partner Spencer Fane Bone McAllester

Matt Davis*,
The Wilson Group

Terry Doherty,
Loden Vision Center

Amy Johnston Eubanks*, Holy Family Catholic Church

Elizabeth Grace Herbert*,

Travis Kelty,
President & CEO of Kelty Real Estate

Sr. Judith Kapp, RSM,
The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Allan Leslie,
Family & Children’s Service

Heather Middleton,
Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.

Daniele LaFreniere,
Community Volunteer

John Tumminello,
Centennial Park Conservancy 

Paul Worley,
Former executive at Sony Tree Publishing, Sony Music Nashville, and Warner Bros Nashville.

Lindsay Wright,
KIPP Nashville Public Schools

Non-Voting Members:

Philip Mattingly, Chairman Emeritus

* Alumni / Former Students

SBA Ambassadors

Chosen by the Board of Trust, SBA Ambassadors serve as a voice for St. Bernard Academy in the greater Nashville community and beyond, typical of other schools’ Advisory Boards. Ambassadors are recognized for their commitment and service to the SBA community, both past and present.

Adam Llorens                                           Betty Lee Nolan                                                       Bill Grainger
Brigid Carpenter                                    Daniele LaFreniere                                                     Deb Varallo
Joe Williams                                               John Bumpus                                                         Kelly Cortesi
Mary Williams                                            May Bumpus                                                    Michael Stewart
Nicole Smith                                                Pat Nolan                                                           Shane Cortesi
Sister Mary Ann Smith                       Sister Suzanne Stalm                                                Tony Hoffman



Advancement Committee
John Tumminello (Chair)
Mary Pietrzyk
Terry Doherty
Courtney Ross
Paul Worley

Chase Wright (Chair)

Buildings, Grounds and Safety
Travis Kelty (Chair)
Matt Davis

Julie Boos (Chair)
Allan Leslie
Chase Wright

Mission / MESA
Amy Johnston Eubanks (Chair)
LaTandra Collins
Sister Judith Kapp

Nominating and Governing
Elizabeth Herbert (Chair)

My daughter learned so much about taking responsibility for her academic career and her actions beyond the classroom while at St. Bernard. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for the education and the experience.

Chase Wright
Board of Trust and past parent